Return to Primitive Era (idea)

The first era in the [evolution of the Universe], also called the [Early Universe]. This era was notable for the unimaginable energy density that permeated it. In less than a second after the [Big Bang], the Universe had expanded far enough that the four [fundamental forces] had fractured, [lepton]s and [meson]s (2-quark [hadrons]) had condensed from the energetic [particle soup], and the first [baryon]s (3-quark [hadrons]) were forming. Over the next million years, the soup thinned enough that [atomic nuclei|nuclei] of [deuterium] and [helium] could form, and [electron]s could be captured by the nuclei (including lone protons to form [protium]).

There was no preceding era, and the succeding era was the [Stellar Era].