I drove down to the school in my Toyota Camry this morning, and as I stepped out of my car, a girl passing by stopped for a second and looked at the front of my car for a little bit, then said "hey, that's clever!" "What's clever?" I said, wondering what's so interesting about the front of my car. "The license plate, it's in hexidecimal!" Impressed, but mostly confused, I looked at the front of my car. The license plate read:

|   VIRGINIA   |
|   VO 56 4F   |

I had never seen that before in my life.

I figured that perhaps my father had renewed my vehicle registration for me and in the process got new plates for my car. However, I remained confused about what it meant. I quickly tried to decipher the numbers from hexidecimal to decimal.

56... that's 80 + 6 = 86... ????
4F... that's 64 + 15 = 79...????

"86 79?" I said out loud. She said, "Yeah. Are you a Compsci major?" I continued trying to decipher the meaning of "VO 86 79." I said, "Yeah. Hey how did you know it was in hexa--" "Nice to meet you, I'm Katie." She extended her hand and we shook hands. "I'm late for class, I'd better get going," she said.

I watched dazed and confused as she disappeared around the corner.

Later on that day I asked my father about the license plate. Turns out "56" and "4F" are hexidecimal ASCII values for "V" and "O". So it reads "VO V O". How dull.

I hope I meet that girl again sometime.