A glance out the front or rear window of the A or C trains as they make their way between the stations of Brooklyn will get you glimpses of wide columns spraypainted matte white or black and with a large amount of writing on them. Of course, the trains rarely go slow enough to let you read any of the text, and even a stopped train usually isn't so in a convenient location for reading out the side window, so one is left wondering what exactly these are.

They are the memoirs of Revs.

Late at night, Revs has been tagging his life story under the streets of NY. They're hard to get a good look at, so i don't know too much about them.

He claims that this is a one time effort; if the MTA covers up any of these tags, that section of his history will simply be erased. So far, since it's very deep within the tunnels, the large majority of it (AFAIK) is still there.