It's finally happening.

In September, the people living in the house my mother would cat-sit at mentioned that they were moving out in March.

Sometime in mid-December, "March" became "April"

Then it got even trickier. The couple living there broke up. The one still living there decided that she liked the house a lot and didn't want to leave. Then she decided to buy a house in Howard Beach (NY).

We start packing up the house and calling services. Verizon won't turn on a phone line until the owner of the current line puts in an order to turn off that line. March 23 rolls around and this still hasn't happened.

We get a call on the 24th. She tells us that the house she's buying hasn't yet gone into closing and she can't move out yet. She owns a place in Manhattan besides this one, but she doesn't want to ship her stuff there or pay storage. She doesn't want to move out until April 15; that being Easter this year, we wouldn't be able to move until the next week. Grr.

Finally, sometime last week, she agrees to move out. This morning we get to go in and start measuring everything and planning the layout. We should have everything moved in by Saturday.

Good fucking bye, Suffolk County. It's back to the outskirts of New York City for me.