it's been one of those up and down days.

Up: the company won two computers in an auction. New toys for me; i get to wipe them and turn them into servers.
Down: we won the computers yesterday. somewhere between yesterday and today, someone opened up one of the computers and jacked the RAM chip. It was one of those super-easy-open types; the thief could have even done it while the auctioneer's back was turned.

Up: We also won a bunch of lamps that the boss gave us as presents, and a few UPS power strips that the servers will appreciate.
Down: Trying to schlep a heavy UPS and a unwieldy (and heavy) lamp on a standing room only rush hour train is not on the top ten things to do for fun in the subway list.

Up: I have tomorrow off; the band might get together.
Down: While moving, i nearly sliced the top off of one of my fingers; i can probably play bass or maybe a little guitar, but drums and leads are out of the question.

Up: i finally achieved Level 2 today.
Down: since my last couple of nodes were lyrics, someone out there will probably think i was Noding for Numbers and downvote me into next Tuesday. I also don't get votes until the server resets.

Well, some nodes got downvoted, and others got chung. i guess this ends the day on an up. Thank you!