Make a decision! Choose! You're just waffling! Get some backbone!

I've heard these many times from many people with backbone. On one side of the fence are the republicans, the religious, the heterosexuals, the right to lifers, industry, etc. etc... Go ahead, pick a group to put here. Or how about over there, on the other side. The democrats, the athiests, the homosexuals, the right to choosers, environmentalists, etc, etc. These are arbitrary positions around the fence. You have one side here and the opposing view there.

Now you have me... Here I am up on my fence. The sun feels warm upon my face. The air smells good. The field is wide open. The view is fantastic! It's amazing what you can see from the fence. Down on the ground, you have a hard time seeing through the fence. There's a thorny hedge that has grown up between the two sides. They are closed off from one another hence they can only see one side.
Me, I can see them both. There is nothing in the way to block my view.

Yet my gay friend makes fun of me telling me that I'm just on my way to his side. Heterosexual ones point to my kids as proof I'm one of them. My atheist friend tells me I'm just a coward for not taking a stand. I'm indecisive. My democratic friends gasp when I vote republican and the republican ones hiss when I lean to the democrat. I get flack from all sides because I am not on THEIR side.

I'm on my own side. Up here on the fence where I can see everything. I prefer being open to all angles. I have made a choice. I choose not to choose sides. I choose not to hop down off my fence. I prefer to feel the warm breeze gently prodding me this way and that. If I must be labeled with a group then I'm an independent voting, agnostic, bisexual, perpetual fence sitter.

My backbone is just fine thankyou. It's gotten strong sitting on the fence.