• Sort by color
  • now by weight
  • keep reds from whites
  • and darks from brights
  • pastels here, towels there
  • please separate the socks and
  • pull them out of the pant legs
  • turn them right side out
  • zip the zippers, empty pockets
  • jeans by themselves right here


  • check for stains
  • first wet, then Shout
  • Is it white? make it hot
  • Is it dark? keep it cold
  • toss the load in the wash
  • (Is that my silk? NO! NOT the silk!)
  • dry clean only gets Dryel
  • measure in the Tide
  • Set to normal for your jeans
  • (Do you hear that freight train coming?)
  • Did you BALANCE right the load?
  • Is it sunny? Is it breezy? You can hang them out to dry
  • (You DID remember the Downy at the rinse, right?)
  • Pre fluff the towels in the dryer
  • Do that with jeans as well
  • (Yes, I know that seems redundant,
    but do you want cardboard on your legs?)
  • Is it raining? Use the dryer, but with the Downy sheets instead
  • snap the clothes down from the line
  • to shake out wrinkles, knock off fuzz
  • match up the socks
  • Fold them straight out of the dryer
  • hang them directly onto hangers
  • (What do you mean, you forgot?)

    Great, OK,

  • pull out the iron and the board
  • not too hot, use the steam
  • (What about my silk shirt?)

    You know, on second thought
    I've got this covered
    How 'bout you go do the dishes