It's midnight, but she can't sleep. The rhythmic rocking of the train car against smooth tracks isn't lulling her into slumber like it usually does. He is in her thoughts again. She leans her head against the window watching the shadowed trees speed past under moonlit skies.

"It's only for a few months, the time will go by just like that. You'll see"

It feels like a lifetime already. Months of sleeping alone lie ahead of her. No warm comforting touch of toes against calves or nose against back, nor familiar scent of him as she drifts off to sleep. She glances at the lavender backpack sitting on the floor next to her feet.

"Don't open this 'til morning, K? It's my surprise for you. A bon voyage if you will"

His boyish grin lit up the station. He looked so pleased with himself for having thought to do this.

"Call me when you reach Seattle so I know you made it safe and sound, K? Chin up, sunshine"

His kiss lasted forever and an instant, a kiss to last four months. She didn't want to pull away.

"Safe journey" he mouthed as the train started to pull away. Palm against palm on the window briefly before he could no longer keep up. He stopped and stood there for a moment watching the cars disappear around the bend. The last thing she saw was the setting sun bathing him in reddish hues.

She picked up the backpack, hugging it close to her. She glimpsed at her watch noting that it was 12:15 am. Morning? Close enough. She zipped open the package, needing to feel close to him.

The moonlight streamed into the window lighting up the contents: A well worn copy of his favorite book, a container of chocolates, a thermos of hot french vanilla coffee, a small basket of slightly underdone apple cinnamon muffins, a portable CD player with headphones, a home recorded CD with the words "soundtrack of Anna and David" scrawled across the front, and the Yale university sweatshirt he had worn to bed the previous night and for most of the morning.

She lifted the sweatshirt out of the backpack, holding it close to her face, breathing in his scent. A note dropped out of the pocket.

A, I KNEW you wouldn't be able to wait until morning! You're the patient one, or did you forget? I hope you don't mind, but I spirited away your sweatshirt. I needed a piece of you to hold next to me through the nights while you are away. Take mine in trade. Enjoy your breakfast AFTER you sleep, K? Sorry about the muffins. It's the thought that counts, right? Now close your eyes and go to sleep already! We'll meet in our dreams. I'm waiting. I miss you too. Love, D

She smiled as she scrunched up the sweatshirt and stuffed it under her head for a pillow. She watched the stars out the window as she finally drifted off to sleep with his familiar scent seeping into her.