Everybody has baggage that they carry around with them. Everybody. If you say you don't then you are lying. Some have more baggage than others. It doesn't mean that those with less baggage have less of a reason to feel the weight. Our baggage is just as important to each of us. Each and every one of us deals with the weight in our own way in our own time. Some carry it around longer in the hopes that it will mysteriously get lost in transit. Guess what folks, it doesn't! It always manages to find it's way to you ESPECIALLY when you want it lost.

It's not necessarily bad. Your baggage is what makes you who you are. It shapes your views, it makes you, YOU! How you DEAL with your trunk is the key. You can give up and jump off a bridge (in my view, a copout) or you can learn from it and gain strength from it.

When you're ready you will open that trunk, sort out the stuff and shift the weight so that you can carry it better. It's still your weight to carry.

It's still your baggage. It's still you.