I feel a bit deflated. My camera is busted. I'm not sure what the problem is, but most of my pictures do not come out. Half of the photo is blacked out, as if the shutter only opens at the top. Very disappointing. So many good shots ruined. So many opportunities wasted. Out of the last two rolls only three pictures were salvagable. Not even the magic of my photo editor program is going to help with these puppies.

How can one have a good shot with only half the picture?
How can one see the whole picture with only half the shot?

This bothers me because this is something that I love to do. It's a necessary thing for me, I feel a little like a piece of me is absent. I can't pull over somewhere when I see something that catches my fancy, reach back and grab my camera to shoot it. I'm missing something.

The camera thing actually bothers me more than the check card fiasco I've been dealing with the last two days. It doesn't work. My wonderful state of the art, let's make life simpler, gotta have one ATM/VISA is as useful as a fork is to a horse. Gotta love technology. Upon calling the bank......."We're sorry but you may have trouble accessing your account through ATM's and electronic purchases. We apologize for any inconvenience."

This would not matter except we have no other cards. Zip. Nada. Took the scissors to them one after the other in a lovely display of "screw your interest rates and hidden fees".

Paychecks, direct deposited. This, this I can deal with for a while. So I have to WALK to the bank a mile and a half away to get cash. GOOD EXERCISE! So I have to write checks for a little bit. A nuisance yes, but nothing insurmountable. Doesn't give me too much faith in the banking system.

But the camera.....that is something that needs to be addressed soon.