It doesn't make me feel important. If it did, I wouldn't feel the need to justify. I could ignore the insults and tirades that I get and go about my merry business feeling Self-important.

I own one because I was required to transport up to eight kids at any given time. I own one because I prefer to travel to other places via camping and have yet to see a car up to the challenge of transporting a trailer. I own one because the weather where I lived was such that owning a four wheel drive vehicle was a necessity. I did not own it for the prestige, the feeling of power, the feeling of increased worth, the exhorbitant car payments, the joy of filling the tank, the delight of my tax bill or the pleasure of other drivers flipping me off as they passed me on the road. I own it because I needed it.

That said, I will not be owning it shortly because I no longer need it. I no longer have eight kids to shuttle around, camping has lost its appeal, and I live in a less challenging climate for driving.

I need a vehicle that will give me the illusion of greater worth and power. I need one that says, HEY LOOK AT ME! I wonder what other vehicle I can get to fit my needs and STILL give me the pleasure of being flipped off...maybe a Punch-a-buggy?