Why I write daylogs...

Good question, jprockwell. It made me think about why I do it. So, here are my findings... I write for different reasons with each entry. Yesterday I wrote a letter to a friend who killed himself. I wrote it for a couple of reasons. The first and most important reason was to STOP someone else from taking that path. If I gave even one person pause to think, then it was worth opening up my heart to this slice of the world. The second reason is more selfish. I wrote it to help myself deal with the pain before it consumed me. It was my way of telling him off and allowing myself to be angry, so to speak.

Other times I write in daylogs because I'm experimenting with the functional things here on e2. I wrote a poem in daylogs to experiment with making hardlinks. I said one thing but linked another. It was an excercise on one hand, but also a commentary on how things aren't always what they seem. Writing in daylogs improves my writing elsewhere on e2.

Still other times I write to share something I've learned. Maybe, someone will learn from my mistakes or want to try something new. I do keep a personal journal other than in daylogs. There are many things I do not share at this time, but overall, I feel it is a good thing to share yourself with others. It's how we connect. It's how we find out about one another. It's a way to see that we aren't so different after all. I love reading the daylogs. They are a window to another person's heart.

Daylogs are a slice of life.
a slice, I feel worth sharing