Holy Cow, I am old-fashioned. What the hey?

What ever happened to the days when the Dude asked for HER number? Seriously. Am I ready for the rocker or something?

He says to my niece, this tall blonde trumpet playin Dude, he says "Hey, give my number to your cousin. She's hot. Tell her to call me." No kidding, he says that. No kidding, I am stunned. I am stunned because the teen girls are taking this as if it were an everyday occurrence. Was there some kind of role switch during my married time period and I missed it? Who changed the rules of the game? I tell her not to call. No Way. She does anyway, because it's no big deal, Mom.

No big deal takes her five attempts to call this person she has never ever had contact with in any shape or form based only on the knowledge he thought "She's hot". No big deal is her pacing saying...What should I say? What should I talk about? HELP ME MOM! Of course I was no help. I had nothing to glean from. How am I supposed to give her advice on what to say to some guy she knows nothing about? I'm the one who thinks HE should be calling HER. That's so old-fashioned

She makes all her squeaks and noises, screws up her face and dials the phone. They have been attached at the hip for weeks and weeks and weeks ever since. I don't get it. I like him, but reeling her in like a fish on a hook? I don't get it. And she plunged onto that hook willingly...