I was thrilled; seriously so, within moments of placing the receiver back in its cradle. My son’s girlfriend’s family was coming to stay with us. It was unexpected. It was a surprise. They would be at my humble apartment in TEN MINUTES and I was bubbling over with glee at the same time that my daughter and I were frantically doing the quick clean. You know the one, right? The rush where you’re hiding the underwear that’s been sitting on the floor (AKA the biggest shelf) for a week, washing the day old dishes, and making sure there are clean sheets on the beds and clean towels in the bathroom. My daughter and I set a NEW RECORD.

I had never met her family. My son had brought his girlfriend to stay with us during Spring Break. She is the sweetest person I know. I remember thinking that my son had very good taste and had done quite well for himself hooking up with her. I have also heard many good things about them from my son. They are like a second family to him. Now I was getting the opportunity to meet the people who had influenced this wonderful girl my son had attached himself to.

I must say that her family is equally wonderful. They are on a 38-Day mission. When they had reached a stopping point, Miss Sweetie says, “Hey! I think his Mom lives close, we should call”. I am so very glad they did. Of course they had to stay overnight here. Of course. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Her mother and stepfather are retired from the Air Force. In fact, their encouragement and candid discussions helped my son in his own decision to join the Air Force. (Have I told you how proud I am of my son yet? Well, I AM!) They are still involved in helping the servicemen and women.

The mission: the father is biking from Maine to Florida to raise money for “Homes for Our Troops”. He is riding a bicycle, not a motorcycle, A BICYCLE. This man is determined. This man is FIT. His wife and daughters are following along in the support vehicle. A minivan all decked out to announce what they are doing for this five-week trek. I am amazed. He is biking anywhere from 65 to 90 miles per day! He is stopping off at various areas and bases to talk about his fundraising efforts. If you see him, be sure to roll down your window, yell encouragement, leave a donation, or show other appropriate enthusiastic support. You will know the vehicle because there is writing all over it.

This nonprofit organization raises money to help injured service men and women build new homes or convert existing homes into handicapped accessible ones. With the donations they receive they are able to do this with very little cost to the veteran. In some cases, it is for no cost at all. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

I invite you to check it out. www.homesforourtroops.org

My son has found himself a good family; that is what I think. I hope they stop by on their way back to Maine in a month. They will be very welcome here. I am so glad that they thought to call.