Year Log for 2002

True life lies in laughter, love, and work
~Elbert Hubbard~

Sage counsel from The Book of Chras

Make this year the creme de la creme

Pay a debt, cut up a credit card

Encourage a youngster

Compliment often

Learn to accept compliments with grace

Forgive transgressions, forgive yourself

View an issue from all perspectives

Keep promises made

Make no promise you can not keep

When in doubt, choose wings not shoes

Shift the weight when burdens become heavy

remain optimistic when things look their worst. Never give up

Laugh at the silly stuff

Protest apathy

Call a friend for no reason what-so-ever

Turn off the news, put away the paper when announcements become too grim to bear. You cannot solve humanity's woes on your own. Do not let them eat you up.

Give to charity, even if you can only muster up the change in your pocket. That is something you CAN do.

On rainy days, avoid listening to sad lonely songs about lovers leaving and dogs dying. Those are the days you need upbeat music instead.

Dance in the rain

Spin around with your arms wide and your tongue out ready to catch snowflakes during a snowfall

Make snow angels - several

Jump in more leaves, blow more bubbles, start more pillow fights

Delight in more sunrises, revel in more sunsets, raise your face to the warmth of the sun

Savor fresh tastes

Breathe in new scents

See in a different light

Listen to a variety of music

Reach out and touch someone, this is important

Take care of yourself first - physically, emotionally, intellectually

Take time for yourself, be kind to yourself, be proud of yourself

Say "I love you". Say it persistently to those you love.

Hold someone's hand

Blow someone a kiss, just 'cause

Do not rush life, allow it to unfold before you

Have that second or third mug of light and sweet Hazelnut coffee. Just make sure that it's decaf after 3:00

Play, recreate, frolic, cavort - this is imperative

Brush your hair and your teeth before leaving the house - always. NO- hats and dentyne do not cut it.

Appreciate the minute and the subtle

Smile warmly, kiss passionately, embrace tightly

Walk barefoot in the sand, in the grass, in the snow

FEEL, I mean really open up and allow yourself the luxury of feeling

Tap your creativity anyway you can

Have faith in something

Tell yourself you are beautiful because you ARE

Learn to accept the vicissitudes of life for it is not linear. Flow with it.

Do what you love - love what you do. If you don't, it is time to move on. You spend one third of your day at work. One third of a day unhappy is no way to live.

surround yourself with things you love

Sparkle softly

Share yourself. It is the best gift to give

Hold open a door for someone

Say please and thankyou

Write from your heart

Add a new word to your vocabulary (like evanescent or pulchritude or verisimilitude) each week. And never stop learning

Do not rely on spell check because, quite frankly, it stinks

Do not be afraid to take a chance. Hold your breath and jump

Enjoy life. Just do it!

Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful.
~George Bernard Shaw~

Note: Some of the above I have learned within the past year. It does not matter which, they've become assimilated into the book.