"It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job;
it's a depression when you lose your own."

Harry S. Truman

Something was up. That much was apparent. I walked into work and saw him sitting there grim faced, waiting for me. I steeled myself for what I had felt coming for months. I was prepared for something else. I was not expecting this.

"I've been laid off"

Firepower of rapid thoughts attack in swift succession as the ground crumbles away from beneath my feet and I am plummeting down free falling...

First thought..."What the heck? What company spends thousands of dollars to relocate a family across the country to cut the employee loose a year and a half later?" second thought ..."Call his boss and give him a piece of my mind. Doesn't he realize the hardships we've faced for this job? Doesn't he care?" third..."I cannot support my family on this job selling kid shoes. What are we going to do? How on earth can I make this better?" fourth...."I need some soup"

and then my jacket is snagged on a branch and I am anchored for the moment dangling against the cliff wall able to catch my breath suspended in time...

the best thing you can do is
listen to soothing jazz music
light a few sandalwood scented candles
soak in some bubbling hot water
have a little french onion soup
(not skimping on the toasted french bread
and melty provolone cheese)
wrap yourself in a warm blanket
and tell yourself you'll deal with it in the morning
it's the only thing you can do

and I look out over the ocean spread there before me. I watch the tide as it comes in and again later as it goes out. It's done this since the beginning of time. The waters ebb and flow. That's the way of things.