I was restless as I was leaving work, filled with a burning sense to DO something but not knowing what. Walking quickly, the sound of my heels clicked loudly echoing off the sidewalk.

I turn a corner to find a group of college students discussing the ills of today's society. I watch briefly but do not join in, merely hovering about the edges a moment. I pass them, climbing the steps behind them and enter the school. One indicates with his head to another to follow me. He nods and follows. He is behind me, hand on back guiding me to class.

Once there, I relax, no longer filled with the deep sense of urgency.

I am laying on my stomach outside in the grass with a friend. She is laughing at me as I try to photograph individual blades.

"It's the carpet that's important, the mass as a group. You should picture the whole."

"No" I argue "if not for the single, there would be no whole. The one is the building block upon which the whole stands, therefore IT is what is important"

Other students mill about walking barefoot in the grass.

Something tickles my leg, a bubble. I shake it off not looking back. More bubbles alight on my skin, then laughter. Someone licks from my ankle to my knee.

"Sweet candy bubbles"

A kiss is pressed into my palm, then the unseen person is gone

A girl is in a glass box. She is sick, but refuses her medicine. She will only take it from me. I feed her antibiotics with an eyedropper through a small hole. She watches me with unblinking eyes through the glass as she sucks the mixture from the tube. She ignores the others in the room. They are not there.

What does she see in me?