A recurrent childhood dream appears to have returned for a visit.

I am being chased by something. It frightens me. I cannot see what it is. There is the sound of a deep rumble close behind me. There is the dank smell of fear growing stronger about me smothering all other scents. I feel an unreasoning terror building deep within my gut. Fight or flight. I choose flight.....always I choose flight.

I run as fast as I can, hearing the crashing behind me. I leap into the air. I am trying to fly. I fly by "treading water", like swimming as a frog except it is in the air. It is clumsy at best. I am rising slowly, bobbing up and down, gaining only inches at a time. I kick my legs hard, increasing the power of the strokes hoping to speed up.

I hear trees falling and growing thunder. I am just above the treeline. I feel the swoosh of air about my ankles as if something had just taken a swipe at me, barely missing. The fear builds.

I pump my legs harder and harder, always just out of reach , yet not getting any higher. My heart pounds erratically, not knowing what I run from.

It's always ended this way....just stuck between the sky and the earth, neither caught nor free. What was I so afraid of? More importantly, why am I swimming in airdreams once again?