"Tell me of the nature of love" she said, "When are you going to add to it?"

"I cannot", I responded. "I am jaded..."

It is not in my heart to speak of fairy tale wishes. Perhaps someday, once again. Perhaps someday. Not today.

This makes me quiet.


The first anniversary that's no longer an anniversary.

I take out the wedding ring that sits in the jar with broken pieces of jewelry. It seems apropos to keep it there. I am loathe to chuck it into the river. I spin it like a coin on the cool hardwood floor, watching it wind down until it lies flat, alone on the surface. I notice that my ring finger is still indented, though the white skin that once lay beneath the once-upon-a-time symbol is now gone. I wonder if that mark will ever go away. I put the ring back in the jar and tuck it back in the back of the closet...

Our last anniversary he spent with someone else

The anniversary before that was just enough to catch a whiff of dying roses

There were two other anniversaries that he spent with someone other than his wife

I should be grateful.


I am quiet...