(this will sit here until I'm done fuming...)

Then everything I write belongs in a daylog

The time has come for me to take a stand once again.

Must I only add to the daylogs? EVERYTHING I write belongs in a daylog according to some. Anne Frank would only be able to node in a daylog. It's called a style of writing. It is how I write best. Insights into human nature based on my own observations full of all kinds of self referential fluff.

If you actually read some of my daylogs you might say... Why did she put that there? Or you might say, Who cares? It's just a daylog. I put it there because of messages or softlinks from people who have no respect for this style of writing. "Put it in daylogs". "It's not worthy of it's own node". Or "Cut out the personal and it'll be OK for it's own node and not totally worthless".

Did you bother to find the common thread in the story? The deeper point I was trying to convey? Do I have to hit you over the head with the message? Sure it's from my point of view. I try to show the reader what I see through my eyes, much like Anne Frank did. Sometimes you need the personal to get the feeling across, otherwise it's just another soulless piece.

True, I could be taking this personally. Don't YOU take things personally? I take a lot of things personally. The underlying message I get from all of this is that daylogs are for those who can't write ergo I can't write. This is my perception from where I sit, right or wrong. I no longer have that tough exterior that many of you seem to hide behind. I tossed it aside, because it was too hard and cold. I try to show you what I've learned and what I've seen, because I feel it has value. I don't take the thought of "your node is worthless" too well. I take it personally. I know, I know...TOUGHEN UP and node!

I don't want to be tough and I don't want my style cast aside. I'll just have to sit on this a while until I cool off. That's all I can do because some of you won't change your opinions just because I asked it. We are all entitled to our opinions. I felt it was time to share mine.

/ Rant

Note to the softlinker below....DAYLOGS DO NOT SUCK!!!!!

That felt good...