3/31/01 Pacific coast time...4/1/01 server

E2 was awash with trolls today. /Me thinks it twere a joke. /Me HOPES it twere a joke. Nodes were written backwards... gobble de gook in other places...lots of general nastiness...had the incredible urge to hug them tightly and squeeze the nastiness out...kill them with kindness and exceptional friendliness...I must be crazy...still had no urge to waste my votes on downvoting....even on the trolls....too many good nodes needing my pat on the back...Wishing I was with the other everythingians at Porkyland...should have had AElien (HOW DO I MAKE THAT SYMBOL?!! ARGH!) kidnap me...I would have given him grapes.

I returned to whacked out e2 after watching a movie. Hoping two hours gone by that trolls would be bored and gone. No such luck. Today has given new meaning to e2 has gone crazy! Before it was merely in-fighting, now it is...

Dogs and cats sleeping together! Mass hysteria!

(ok, I exaggerate!) Still, not exceedingly funny anymore. Maybe an example of what e2 is like unmonitored mayhaps? Without rules? An example of what it would be like if e2 REALLY went crazy? Note to self: Ignore the trolls

Also, I was Acked in the epicenter for using up all my votes. Since I did it positively and was whipped soundly does that make me altruistic? Nah, 'cause I would have received XP, which I keep telling myself I don't care about. I expected to benefit from my good deed. Hmmmm, I feel a node idea brewing... I must thank the crazy pot stirrers...

4/1/01 Pacific coast time

Logged on to find that it was INDEED a massive practical joke. KUDOS to the pranksters! /me applauds you! I did not do too much to acknowledge general mayhem other than to write on my home node and to message dannye.

/msg dannye ...If it's a joke, laugh....if it's not a joke, still laugh...I'm too tired to figure it out...

Or something to that effect. For some reason, I thought he would be having a fit over the whole thing and sought to reach out to reassure him? Mayhaps to lesson his anger? Who knows, what my motivation was? Not I. I don't always question why I do things. Sometimes, I just react. I'm a sucker for caring.

Others tried to stop the mayhem and protect e2, despite the fact that the trolls would probably do something nasty to them. Altruism at an everything level. I basically hid to save my arse. Hmmmm. Self-preservation won out. Yikes at me! I have not lived up to my expectations of myself yet again! Now I am questioning why. There is definitely a node coming... more self-referential fluff? We shall see. E2 is one great little place to study human behavior. Every day I discover something new about myself and others through observing interactions here.

Ever feel like a lab rat?