7:00 am
sun softly rising behind
heading west
past orange groves, valencia type
lined up in rows with
long shadows stretching out
past the lonely farm stand
too early to serve, bay doors shut
waiting patiently for company
and past the migrant workers
with big straw hats
and long sleeved cotton
just bending to harvest
from burgeoning vines


round the clock donut shop
heart attack disguised as heaven
spanish flows freely
eyes on strange woman
chatter resumes
she smiles at conversation
tips head down and away
blushing but flattered
gagme coffee
sip delivers scrunched up nose
scruffy boy with dirty face
and big eyes on large pink box
belly rubbing, lip licking
"mmmmmm" he says
she hands him one with a wink
broad smile, white teeth flashing
he turns, runs out with his prize
laughter and shaking heads
a pair of wizened faces
she suspects she's not the first
to fall for impish grin and beautiful eyes


warm arms envelope
crushed to chest
good coffee waiting with hazelnut
waking of the band
last minute preparations
YES, yes I will help
YES, (I am pluggin in for recharge...)
YES, whatever you need, let's go
YES, (you give me respite, I am grateful)
Is it OK if you are my favorite today?


necessity is the mother of invention
or...she needs scissors to cook?
it's supposed to be gooey
it's baked brie
I am culturing you
dip your fruit thusly
feeling refined?
neither do I, but it's yummy


hovering about the conversation
flitting in from time to time
swallowing words
though not that one's
artistic linguistic gymnastics


grape sugar melting on tongue
eyes closed, face raised to sun
sweet moments being savored
saving for future use


His is bigger
talk about envy
though his isn't the biggest
he says his caliber is better
which he showed
proving once again
it's not the size but the merit
which matters
(this I already knew)


misc random thoughts
serenaded by striking eyes
(who also has lovely voice)
I covet the coat that goes from here to there
also that spandex blue number
also that purple flower pen
(which doubles as hair accessory)
also that cutesy little car
with the top down
that whips hair across face
and lets the sun shine in
also that wicked cool camera
ps. serious noders DO exercise
necessary for ninja girl drop kicking
maus rocks
end random thinking


gathering hugs like seashells
small gifts from the sea of humanity
thankyou for sharing your warmth


Noders is good peoples