In this moment,
Amidst our unfortunate disagreements
Over the disposition of resources,
The nature of liberty, the limitations of liability,
Over how much one must give,
Versus how much one might hold,
Over whether it is good and proper to make humble genuflection to
The Divine being, versus whether such obesiance is obsequious, or even, one might dare say, unctuous,
And whether the manner in which I find myself gazing towards
The fairer or the rougher sex or neither or both is, in some manner,
A scurrilous insubordination, a schism between me and the Almighty,
Versus a full expression of those boons that Heaven has bestowed
Upon mine own head --
Whether we each of us ought to be bound to a divine arrangement
Whose elements we faintly glimpse, but whose precise arrangement neither of us
Is permitted to comprehend in its entirety, such that we each are commanded to move entirely and only according to the orders that have been inscribed in the book we each have read, or that each of us has been granted free will by the ineffable inscrutable being above, such that to be ordered about by Heaven is an anathema to the very nature of the first creation, whereby God granted Adam the whole garden and forbade he and Eve only one thing, which is to say that we are all at liberty as we must be, over the whole terrestrial sphere as we have been granted dominion over it, indeed over the entire macrocosm --

I will say only this:


And what I will
Is that you,
And I,
And all,
Are without fear
Or famine,
Are loved,
And listened to.
That is all I know on earth.
And all you need to know of me.