What must it have been like to witness the first explosion made by humans?

"Imhotep, please explain to me what that noise like thunder was, and why everyone is milling around in confusion."

"Well, sir, you told Addaya to go into the grain storage unit and have a look at it for mice, sir, and you know his eyesight's bad, sir, and he took a torch into it and -- and -- and the grain storage unit isn't there anymore, sir, and neither is Addaya."

"Isn't there anymore? Tell me, where exactly did it go?"

"Well, sir, it kind of went everywhere at once, sir. So it's lying in pieces everywhere."

"Fascinating. And where is Addaya now?"

"Well, sir, he probably went everywhere at once as well, if you get my meaning."

"Even better. Perhaps we can weaponize this phenomenon. Tell my chief architect to meet with my head general. We shall build grain storage units and put them on wheels, and drive them into the heart of the enemy."

"I don't think we have carts big enough for that, sir, nor horses."

"Imhotep, do you see this?"

"It's your hat, sir."

"What kind of hat?"

"The Pharaoh's hat, sir."

"And what does that make me?"


"Precisely. And what does that mean YOU'RE going to do?"

"gather all the wood we have to build giant carts to drive grain silos into the enemy positions and make them go bang everywhere."

"Precisely. The enemy shall fear the power of our grain."