"haha white people can't handle hot foods."

Let me tell you, there's a number of kinds of hot spices. There's the capsaicin that you find in Chili Peppers; there's black pepper from peppercorns; there's the mustard family including horseradish and Wasabi; there's Szichuan Peppercorns; there's ginger; I would also count garlic if you eat enough, along with raw onions.

I can handle all of those except the capsaicin. I can drink ginger beer and eat wasabi and toss a teaspoon of powdered mustard into my rice. I can handle lots of garlic and I can eat raw onions without complaint.

What all of these spices have in common is that they hit you once and then they leave your mouth at the speed any other flavor does.

But Capsaicin? Capsiaicin is MEAN. Capsaicin is hydrophobic, so it sticks around a long time in your mouth, resisting the effects of any non-fatty food. Water won't wash it away, soda won't wash it away. Only milk can help, but if it's not whole milk then it won't do much. So as you eat more and more food containing chili peppers, the capsaicin builds up and you feel hotter and hotter.

Don't mock me for avoiding that stuff.