1. The parts you can see out on a regular walk aren't nearly as violent as people think they are.

2. The parts that someone with eyes like yours can see on a regular walk are more violent than people think they are.

3. The blood coming from beneath that door isn't human and it isn't from any animal anyone knows about besides me.

4. If you really want to know what happens when you stand in the center of Buckingham Fountain and let the water shoot you up to the high heavens, then maybe you can do it and figure it out for yourself. Tell the Lightning Tweakers that I said hello.

5. Wizards think they know what they're doing and you think you know what you're doing and I think I know what I'm doing but look, this is a city. Nobody knows the whole picture. That's the point.

6. Now and then when you're wandering the streets that used to be the meatpacking district, you can still smell the blood. The streets remember. Those are the moments when you want to get inside because yes, there is something watching you from behind.

7. There's a bookstore near Columbia College that only sells books of magic but all the magic parts are contained within heavy tomes of art criticism. Because nobody in their right mind reads art criticism.

8. The Harold Washington Library is the only public library in the world that doesn't connect to L-Space. The librarians set it up that way because they're a bunch of snobs.

9. Sue will answer your questions if you ask very politely but you have to understand what politeness to a T-Rex even looks like, and it's nothing like human politeness. First you have to be able to roar louder than her, second you have to be familiar with T-rex body language. It takes some study.

10. They call it the Miracle Mile because it looks nice. But I call it the Miracle Mile because if you manage to survive the winter by begging for change politely, by just sitting down and holding up a cardboard sign, then that's the real miracle. You want to be homeless around here? Learn to beg aggressively.

12. If you stand on a street in Bellwood in July and you listen real close you can hear the rustle of the corn calling you out of the city. Not used to that, eh? New York City's a lot farther from the countryside than this city is. Don't follow the call of the corn. You don't want to find out what's in those fields, not yet.

13. The Metra line goes all the way up to Wisconsin if you need to get away from this city quickly. If you want to do it more quickly you can steal a boat and head out onot the water. Mother Carey will protect you, for a high price, and always a different high price. Better to trust the Metra. She's strict but fair.



ReQuest 2020