For the sirens of Borderlands, their story is largely tragedy.

Not the tragedy of a great hero laid low by the very personality that made them great, nor the tragedy of one who thinks themselves greater than they are -- but the tragedy of someone who is used and discarded for someone else’s selfish ends. What happened to Angel is the same thing that happened to Maya, just on a slower time scale.

It seems like everybody in the universe wants to get their hands on the power of a siren. Not for its own sake, mind -- the vault hunter of both games proves their capability of destroying an entire corporation, be they siren or no siren. No, it’s all about opening a vault.

That is how Angel’s life went to hell, as soon as someone tried to kidnap her so they could sell her to the highest bidder -- for even the man who swore to protect her only used her towards the same end. Likewise Maya’s life began as a tool of a murderous cult, and ended at the hands of another one. Lilith’s life ended because a greedy asshole decided to be even more brutal than Jack, and she was forced to expend all her power to stop the moon in its tracks.

I wonder if it is only Pandora that seems to bring Sirens to a tragic end? Amara seems to be doing well for herself, after all, living far from that place. Perhaps it is simply that her physical appearance better evokes her power, thus to scare off the sort of people who would otherwise be tempted to accost her.

But if Pandora is a grave of sirens because of a vault, well...there’s more than one vault in the galaxy. Maybe the three new sirens should stick together and get off Pandora fast. No doubt someone out there is looking to capture them and use them up, as Maya and Angel were before them.

After all, they are sirens...

They lure people to them, will they or nil they.