The arts scene in Amsterdam seems to be something that people, read AMERICANS, never seem to mention. Several incredible museums, symphony houses, opera, history-Anne Frank's house, tulips, and on ad nauseum. The only thing that you could learn from most people regarding Amsterdam is how great the dope is, how hard you can party in the open and how fucking cold it gets there even when you are high. And the Europeans look at us as if we are stupid???
Where does art go to die? Nowhere. It dies right in front of you with its hand outstretched clutching at the thin air that it has survived on for all of its measly existence. "You only become famous after you die" is one of the truest axioms ever said about art. People have shortsightedness bred into them at his stage of evolution. Look at how high I got in Amsterdam dude!! Yeah but did you go in the Van Gogh museum and see his father's bible with the worn down spots in the book where he used to place his hands during sermons, trip on that, how could growing up in that environment have influenced his art? Walk around the museum and see for yourself. Get out, get involved, if that was a drug you couldn't give it away....whoa,I'm ranting, I think I need a bong hit.