The T-6 Texan is a 2 place training aircraft, used mainly for training WWII pilots. The United States Navy called it the SNJ and the RAF called it the Harvard. It was mainly used to transition pilots from the more docile basic trainers to the fighters they would pilot in aerial combat. There were 15,495 of them built.

It was designed to give the best possible training in all types of combat that a fighter pilot might encounter. They could practice ground strafing, bombardment, and aerial dogfighting. They were equipped with bomb racks, guns, cameras, and instrumentation for flying blind.


Wing span: 42’ 1/4”
Length: 28’ 11-7/8”
Seating: Tandem
Powerplant: Radial Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340-AN-1 550 horsepower, air cooled
Cruising speed: 205 mph @ 5,000 MSL
Landing gear: Retractable, conventional (tailwheel)
Propeller: Adjustable Pitch