Today I get my car back, after almost 2 months.

My 2000 Silver Dodge Avenger Sport was parked in front of my house the night of December 16th. Neither my wife nor I heard it happen. We didn't even know anything was wrong until the officer came to the door. My wife answered it and came downstairs to get me. I was playing Battlefield 1942 at the time. She tells me my car has been hit. Thinking it was one of the neighbor kids playing around with a baseball or something.

"Hit with what?" I say. She tells me "Uhhh, well, you better come look."

I know something is seriously wrong when I see the flood of flashing red and blue in my living room. I look out and am shocked but not mad at the sight I see. My car is only about 2/3 of its original length and about 2 car lengths ahead of where I parked it. Luckily she hit it in the back, otherwise I would have had a hard time getting my insurance and registration information for the officer.

The lady who hit me was drunk, but they could not prove it. She fled the scene on foot because her '91 Pathfinder wouldn't start again.

She is being charged with reckless driving, driving without insurance, driving on a revoked license, and hit and run. Since she ran from the scene, she traded one felony for another, DUI for Hit and Run.

The insurance company was dragging their feet for some time and they were going to total my car, but they found someone who would do it. They are the best in town, but considerably more expensive. Oh well I'm not paying for it. I have seen their work before and they do an excellent job, but it took my insurance company 3 weeks to decide on it. Since then the shop has had me thinking that I will be getting my car back in the next couple of days. That has been going on for about 2 weeks now. We will see tonight.

I will be extremely happy to see my automobile, I feel like I haven't had control of my surroundings since it was towed away. So hopefully tonight, I will be "Back in the Saddle again" as it were.

So here is my plea to the idiot drivers (none of who I am sure can read enough to get to this forum):

Please don't drink and drive you retards, and if you do, please be insured and only hit parked cars with nobody in them.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled noding.

02/13/2003 Update: My car, it drives like a dream. Aside from a couple minor and tolerable quirks, it is almost like it was never hit.