Yet another Friday. Nothing much to do so my mind was wandering and I came to a realization about the relationship between people and their logical access passwords.

People usually choose passwords that they can remember easily, and hence it will reveal a part of them. People also tend to be secretive about their logical access and from time to time will use a password that is related to some secret part of them. You can tell what people like to do outside of work, what television shows or movies the like to watch. People will occasionally reveal deeper personality traits or emotional needs.

You can determine who like order in their life, these people will generally synch up all their logical access passwords to match. On the flip side, those who don't care much for order or like to be more secure will have a variety of them. Lazier people will tend to just use different variations on the same password.

These rambling observations have been brought to you by a bored server admin with nothing better to do with his Friday.