So this is the first time I have ever noded while enebriated. I didn't even need to use my AK, I gotta say, today was a good day.

Chinakow is sitting here telling me I am a bastard, but "It's all good" as they say. Nothing can ruin my day today. I just bought a partial ownership in a flying club. Maybe I will node about that when I can explain it clearly.

Basically that means that I can now fly whenever the hell I desire. It is bad-freaking-ass. Chinakow mixed me a hellatious gin and tonic in celebration. I have been ear to ear all day, 'cause my flight instructor was very impressed with my check out flight and was building me up.

I have my wife to thank for this. She has been extremely supportive of my desire for a career as a pilot. Thanks Babydoll!!!

So now chinakow and I have a way to get to enth's hellatious shindig, because driving there would be the suck. Chinakow totalled his car the other day and I hate driving that far, so now we will get there in less than half the time. We will still be driving from Lawrence 'cause I don't wanna deal with class B airspace in KC.

Nevermind, chinakow just put on a taste experience record and I'm a diggin' it. SWEET!!! I just talked chinakow into putting on his Anastacia record again. I'm outta here I gotta get to my hockey game, 'cause they like depend on me or some such.


warning, contains statements made while under the influence. This node will self destruct in 300 seconds.