Accuracy International has developed a .50 caliber version of the Arctic Warfare, the AW50. This rifle is designed to fire .50 BMG ammunition. It was designed to handle both military and commercial types of this ammunition. The AW50 also has a built in recoil system, an improved muzzle brake, and a third supporting leg, in addition to the standard bipod. The AW50 also has a folding stock.

This whole package with and empty magazine weighs 16Kg.

Additional options for the rest of the AW line include:

A bipod with spring loaded legs, an adjustable cheekpiece, an adjustable buttplate, and a folding stock.

Optional calibers include:

For the AW and AWP:
.260 Rem
7.08 Rem

AWM rifle:
.264 Win Mag
7mm Rem Mag
.300 Norma Mag
.338 Win Mag