This is a very sweet, rich winter drink of the same sort as Hot Buttered Rum. This is my mother's batter recipe, which I prefer to store-bought Tom & Jerry batter.

Tom & Jerry

The Batter

8 eggs separated - 8 yolks, 4 whites
2 lbs powdered (confectioners') sugar
1 cup whipping cream

Whip the cream and set aside
Beat the yolks with enough sugar to make them thick and light, set aside
Whip the whites, adding the rest of the sugar

Fold the white mixture into the yolks
Fold in the whipped cream

The Liquor Mixture

1/3 apricot or peach flavored brandy
1/3 rum
1/3 bourbon

To Serve

In a cup mix 1 heaping tsp of batter with 1 shot of the liquor mixture. Add hot water. Float a dollop of batter. Garnish with nutmeg.