A Chinese peasant dance I learned in Taiwan. It is done entirely with the feet (i.e. no hand movements or touching).

Two people face each other
Knock insides of right feet together
Knock insides of left feet together
Repeat once
Each person takes two steps to partner's right (left foot-right foot), turning so that you are back-to-back
Slap soles of left feet together behind you
Take three steps, crossing in front of partner, to partner's left (left foot-right foot-left foot)and turning so that you are again back-to-back
Slap soles of right feet together behind you
Take two steps back to face partner (right foot-left foot)

Do this over and over again, faster and faster, while drinking plum wine until you fall down silly.

I also know the above described chicken dance performed at Midsomer festivals and Oktoberfests. The low point of my social life was when I found myself doing the chicken dance in the beer tent at the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Astoria, Oregon.