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So this little obscure space is my bit of like, doodling paper, to tell whoever gives a shit a little something about myself. Forgive my choice of words, stepped out of the wrong side of the bed today; well, actually, i became aggravated because i couldn't figure out which side IS the wrong side anyway... so yeah, I figured it was time to light up, not the brightest idea, but seeing i'm writing this on a Saturday gives me a tiny excuse to deem it okay.
Anyway, I'm a bit chaotic, understating here, and well, i'm 24 years old, I study in Utrecht, Holland. Ehr, I waste my time away on smoking pot, making music (breakcore, drumnbass and idm mostly, but other styles as well.), playing bass, well, nothing out of the ordinary. (getting drunk, passing out, reading a good book, passing out again, etc.)
So, well eh, I like to read every now and then too; stuff like Chuck Palahniuk, Irvine Welsh, George Orwell, Anthony Burgess, Joseph Heller, John Steinbeck, Ian McEwan, Hunter S. Thompson.

I can't stand not hearing music for a long time, I'm allergic to cats, dogs, rats, dust, and all kinds of other shiznit. No discussion. Oh, and now that it caught my attention: that other little magic box with flickering lights and pictures and stuff, oh yeah, Television. Right, fuck, turn that thing off yo. You don't need it. I forgot to switch it off and I was brutally reminded of that fact by the dark and evil force they so menacingly call "commercials." I shudder by the sheer thought of it. What foul beast would unleash this ravenous creature upon us? ...but I digress.

Suddenly realizing there's no music on, which is pretty odd in itself. Let's fix that first, shall we. There.
Anyhow, I hope to have a place in Utrecht soon. After that is taken care of, I'm trying to get me a lowrider bike. I like rockabilly, psychobilly, custom culture related stuff, in style as well as musicwise. Speaking of music wise, besides those genres I also like breakcore, tekno, idm, drumnbass, jungle, raggacore, dancehall and reggea, dub, ambient, goa, psy, triphop, jazz, rock, emo, metalcore, metal, grindcore, punk, ska, 8 bit chip tunes, noise, industrial, experimental, etc... there is too much good shit to just focus on one genre and miss out on so much. So yeah, I like a lot, i sometimes have a peculiar taste tho.

Well, I think I've done enough damage to this node for now by typing all this.
I can always plead insanity as my defence. (I might replace this entire story in just a few days, this is like a bad dream, pretend you never read it.)