Ookay. Time to get over the fear of writing-my-first-wu... This is probably the least harmful place. :) I bet I'll forget capital letters, and html formatting, and a zillion other things. Ah well.

Now... what should I write about? Hmm. I use "..." too much (and can't be bothered to find out the proper word right now, so nyahh). Aanyway. Perhaps I should rant about the evils of school, or room-temperature milk, or giant green fruit loops...

There's always something to rant about at school. I'm currently looking for games for my TI-89 (suggestions & urls welcome, I'm lazy :) so that I don't die of boredom in math and career prep.

Ah, math. very rarely am I not bored there. My grade 2 teacher refused to let me work ahead in class, I got bumped up to math 5 halfway through grade 3 by the principal (actually, I spent the first week of grade 2 in a grade 3 class, because I'd come from England where they actually teach 6-year-olds to multiply...). By grade 8 I was used to being bored in math, and since my middle school had no math 9 textbooks, I got to go to the nearest high school in the afternoons. :) I got away with doing no homework until math 11, when things started to get interesting... and I was only in grade 9, so I hadn't adjusted to the idea of actually doing work. Didn't do great in math 12 the next year, either (got a C+, the lowest I need for a decent college course is a B), so now I'm redoing it, in grade 12. Not at the IB level, though, at the dumbed down "normal" level. And they've watered down the course since last time I took it, too. I'm trying to get out of it and just write the exam- some teachers have told me it can't be done, others say they don't see why not, and I haven't got a reply from the teachers that supposedly control these things yet. Ah well, we'll see. Oh, and did I mention the course now has a lot more of the part of math I like least, statistics? Eevil. The first contest isn't until sometime in November, too... math contests are fun. :)

Hmm. I could continue ranting about the evils of english, and career prep, and a million other things I'm sure hardly anyone here is interested in... but I keep getting distracted, and I should sleep. maybe I'll have a weird dream that I can put in the dream log thingy :)