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My mission here people is to enlighten you on a few issues you most likely would never have been exposed to.
Poems, Journaling, free writing..
ChaddyWhack Inc.
Knick Knack Paddy Whack what the hell is a ChaddyWhack?
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Inflation and the generic towel rod (idea)
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Ok well I guess I'm supposed to say something about myself.
Ummm Physical characteristics are as such:
5'9" 145lb caucasian male with a tan.
38yr old teenager (Peter Pan syndrome lives on)
Dirty Blond hair Blue eyes
Personal Information
Self Employed/Home Remodeling
Homosexual Homosapien part time homeless sectional
I drive a Dodge Ram pickup get over it.
Any other questions may be directed to the bathroom attendant.
Now theres a position you'd be proud to tell Mom you landed.