An author, activist and pagan. Her books include The Fifth Sacred Thing, The Spiral Dance, Truth or Dare (different than the Madonna book), Dreaming the Dark, Walking to Mercury, and Twelve Wild Swans. The Fifth Sacred Thing and Walking to Mercury are fiction, the rest are non-fiction works on magic, ethics and activism.

I just finished reading The Fifth Sacred Thing, and haven't read Walking to Mercury or Twelve Wild Swans yet. The remaining books I read when I was in college and I recall them being very readable and fairly influential on me, although I don't currently identify as Pagan, nor do I perform any magic (except my occasional failed attempts to coerce traffic lights.) As I recall it, her philosophy is pantheistic in that it describes a universe that is in some sense alive and even conscious, where everything is interconnected. If you're a fan of Zen or complexity, you might find it appealing.