The third orange is a mental game that is a close cousin to the hat game mixed with a more tormenting version of twenty questions.

It works this way. The statement is made that the first orange is the color orange and the second orange is the fruit orange, but what is the third orange?

The normal way to play the game is to assign something to be the third orange. e.g.: The month of July. This is how the game works.

Player: Is it a food?
Elite: No, but food may be present. (clue referring to: picnics or any other meal)
Player: Can it be seen?
Elite: No.
Player: Is it something everyone knows about?
Elite: Yes. People across the world know of it, but may not recognize it in the same way.
Player: So there is more than one version of it?
Elite: No.
You get the picture.

The game started in Greenville, SC among cinema students. Known for their strange dinner conversations, the thought of a possible ‘third orange’ sprouted the game. Originally, there is only one answer to the third orange, but the ability to use idea as a regular game sparked interest. The true answer is not able to be revealed but must be discovered by those not in with the few elite. Some of the clues are:

  • The third orange can be mastered.
  • There are multiple ‘sub oranges’ where all are different, yet some look the same and others look in no way related. (this is how illustrations are used.)
  • The first orange (the color) is utilized in the second orange (the fruit- it is both the color and the fruit) and the third orange utilizes both the first and the second together.
  • The answer to practically every question is either “yes, but no” or “no, but yes”. (i.e.: it’s not a fruit... but it is.)
  • People use the third orange every day.
  • It is possible to bring the third orange.
  • The fourth orange cannot be figured out before the third orange without going insane.
      Try and figure that one out. ~_^