Unicorn Jelly is a webcomic at http://unicornjelly.com/index.html, and a personal favorite of mine.

It starts off as a cute little thing about a witch and her pet jelly, then it gets weird. For starters, it isn't set on earth, but rather on a triangular world-plate with crystal life-forms which is about to be destroyed. The alchemists and witches are fighting, there's murder plots and spaceships, and sometimes alternate universe comics are drawn as well and linked under the main comic.

The comic is drawn by Jennifer Diane Reitz, who says she doesn't know where it's going any more than anyone else does.

Some of the characters include Lupiko Kazemahou, a young witch, Uni, the unicorn jelly of the title, Chou Yaru, Lupiko's crystalline-human hybrid adopted daughter, Redcloak Millian and Fodderman Yasui, guards for hire, and whole bunch of others who would take too long to describe.

Please note that some of the characters are gay or lesbian, so if that offends you don't read it.