The Catboxer made his debut in #catbox on on May 27, 2001. Originally, the gateway between Everything2's Chatterbox and #catbox was handled by Chatterbot, but for various reasons, Chatterbot was taken down by it's owner, leaving #catbox without a bot.

While Cahla tried to make the best of the botless channel, Dwyn created Catboxer originally titled Chatterbot2. It was decided that a name change was in order considering the circumstances of Chatterbot's removal. The name Catboxer was suggested by Infinite Burn and it was accepted as the name of the new #catbox bot.

Cowbotneal, the bot who rules #everything has this to say about Catboxer: "Catboxer knocked the shit out of Chatterbot (not that that's saying much) and now rules #catbox as the undisputed #catbox champ."

The Following is Catboxer's help file.

Available commands:
HELP                     This help message
LOGIN <user> <password>  Log in to E2
LOGOUT                   Log out from E2
WHO                      Show a list of logged-i users
SAY <text>               Chat in the chatterbox
[MSG] <user> <message>     Send a private message
LIST [ALL|NEW]           List my private messages (default: NEW)
PRIVATE [ON|OFF]         Automatically fetch new private messages
DELETE <msgid>           Delete a private message
SAVE                     Save preferences
Aliases (for backwards compatibility):
SAY /MSG <user> <message> (or CHATTER /MSG) also works as expected.
Private messages are no longer automatically fetched from E2 to avoid database strain.  
Type "HELP PRIVATE" for details.
End of help.