I personally think that the essay has its own interpretations but a lot of it is in fact just the meaning of the poem. But i'm not meaning to offend anyone, it's just merely my opinion. When i first read this poem, immediately the first thing that came into my mind was another poem by Robert Browning: "My Last Duchess". I think that they are both parallel in different ways. For example, in "Porphyria's Lover", the speaker strangles Porphyria at the end because he wants her to stay in love with him forever as stated in the above essay. This is directly parallel to "My Last Duchess" because the duke killed (it is not proven and there is no direct evidence that the duke killed his duchess, but it is assumed so as stated in the poem: "I gave commands;/ then all smiles stopped together." (45-46) ) his duchess because he wanted her to only "smile" at him and be his possession, to only love HIM. Obviously there are differences, but this is my first impression I got when i read "Porphyria's Lover" =)