Today I got up, tired as hell, ate and went to school. I felt weird, as always as if everyone was looking at me weird, BlEH, I'm just too paranoid. Went to english class, lecture was pretty good, met my friend. She seemed happy enough to see me which is always a good thing. Went to chemistry, got my stupid midterm back, bombed that again. sigh Need to study like crazy now, must pull grades up. After that I went to my last class for the day: Biology, also pretty boring but oh well, nothing I can do about it. Came home, ate again, went to meet MrFurious. Yes you are a little boy, hehe, and yes we're all going to treat you that way. I think over the past year all of us has been through too much shit, life is unfair that's the way it is. So now I'm here, sitting here noding, thinking about my life and how wrong it is. sighs, sits, ponders, leaves.