Another day, another depressing day. I know most of you rather read more POSITIVE day logs, but honestly I have nothing positive to say. The jist of my day: mall, home, drunk, now suffering from major migrane. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation that I've been suffering for the last 3 years. I'm 15, people tell me I should be having fun, I'm too mature for my age. Well *NEWS FLASH!* this is the way I am so LIVE WITH IT!!! Although I do agree I SHOULD be having a lot more fun than I am now but that's life rite???

Life hates me and I'm trying to accept that. But after today I finally realized why people go through suicide (not like I've never realized it before, and not like I'm actually going to go through with it) My health is bad, got heart problems, I'm having anorexic symptoms and people can't stop giving me crap about things that aren't even my goddamn fault!!

So far all my relationships have been BAD, talk bout unrequited love. (and dont' even think about doubting my ability to know what love is when im only 15) Going to school, a school I'm not suppsoed to be going to, feel like friends are leaving me one by one and eventually I'm going to end up alone. NOW is a time to wonder what is really wrong with me. If anyone has any ideas pls tell me

Now back to much more positive people...