Today was such a perfect day, there should be more days like this. ^0^

I'm Happy

I got up in the morning surviving with only four hours of sleep to a cloudy day. Lovely I thought to myself as I got ready for the day ahead of me. *Ring* There goes my phone. I already knew who it was but still felt weird picking up the phone since it was my boyfriend's bud who I've never seen before. I answer, set up time to meet, hang up. My anticipation grows. I change and I wait watching out the window of my room to see if the car is pulling in yet. I wait for about 15 minutes wondering why I'm still at home. As I was ready to turn on my computer and listen to music the car pulls in. I run downstairs and get out of the house. I wave and say hi, introducing myself. Off we go to pick up my guy. The ride there was a little awkward as neither parties had anything to say. But when we got there it was a whole lot better. After we picked up my boyfriend, we had to go pick up his friend's girlfriend, June. Off we go to White Rock.

When we got there the weather was still pretty cloudy and windy, but everything turned out great. Picnic on the beach with my guy holding me and watching the ocean as the tide comes in. I usually don't have very many days like this since I don't live by the ocean, I don't have a car, and my boyfriend lives about an hour away from me and he also does not have a car. At that moment I wished that time would stop and we could be there forever. But time stops for no one as we head off to walk around the little town. We walked to the pier, took some pictures and the ocean was still as beautiful. June and Wing were really nice and friendly and going there with them was fun. The little shops we dwelled in was unique. But the moment I remember most was when my boyfriend whispered in my ear, "When are we going to buy a pair of rings?" It naturally meant more to me since when I was a little girl with my little fantasies of my "prince charming" I imagined we would have a pair of rings, promise rings and we'll live happily ever after. My heart melted as I heard these words, and I just smiled at him and shrugged. It's these little things that make life good. Then off we go to get chocolate. After we had been everywhere, we decided to go back to my boyfriend's little apartment and cook dinner.

That night I realized I could cook, wow. It was such a great night as everyone worked together, cooking, chopping, dicing and just having fun with each other. Soon it was time for all of us to go home. June left first which gave me some time alone with my guy. A perfect ending to a perfect day. Home I go and happy I was.