1. The Thesis
The thesis should state the subject and something of significance which you wish to say about it. This is your thesis. It can be stated at the beginning, middle, or end of the first paragraph of your essay. As it is the focus of your essay, it must be planned well in your first paragraph: in it you must state it in a clear and engaging way.

2. Rules to Follow in the First Paragraph
State your subject in the first paragraph. If your are discussing one or two works, include the title, author and genre (TAG) of each specific work.
Devote the first paragraph to an identification or definition of the subject, or a synopsis of the material to be covered in your body paragraphs.

3. Consistency of Content
The body of your essay must support your thesis statement. Focussing on this idea is crucial to the development of a good essay. Make sure you do not stray from the topic, otherwise your essay will lose its focus.
The thesis should not be stated only once in your essay. In order to keep your writing unified, you should mention your subject several times throughout the essay. This also helps keep the reader on track and not confused with some of your arguments. Mention your subject at least once per page, either straight forwardly or obliquely. If you cannot easily work a reference to the subject, then you have probably wandered off the topic.
Make sure every paragraph in your writing relates directly or indirectly to your thesis.
Do not digress from your subject and thesis with paragraphs.
If the body of your essay does not clearly develop and prove your thesis then you must edit either your body paragraphs or your thesis paragraph so that it does.

4. Conclusion
A good ending cannot salvage a good composition; however, a poor ending can destroy a good composition. Therefore, the conclusion must be planned carefully. It should grow naturally out of the points you make in the body, reflecting your understanding of the subject. It should NEVER introduce a new idea which changes the complexion of the paper. It should summarize or conclude without repetitions.