Today was a nice day. Although the sky was cloudy and looked as if it was about to rain, it was still a nice day.

I woke up at 1:00pm at the nice sound of music coming from my cell phone. It took me two seconds to awake from my peaceful REM sleep and recognize that it was my wonderful bf calling. How nice waking up to "Close to You" by Cagnet. I get up from my bed to answer my phone. After saying hello and him telling me that my mother wanted to have lunch together, I was completely awake. I suddenly felt a rush of happiness. Not only did I wake up to his sweet voice but I was going to see him today. The "Happy Happy, Joy Joy" song started playing in my head. After some small talk with him, we hung up and I got out of bed.

After lunch mommy had to go grocery shopping at this honger mall so we decided to meet up with her in 30 minutes while we went to the arcade. Although the arcade was noisy, his voice stood out and the sweet nothings that he whispers echo through me. As he sat down to play the Drum Mania I listen to him playing one of my favorite japanese songs by ELT. I notice these little things that he does to make me happy.

Home we go, or home I go and next door he goes. After about 10 minutes the doorbell rings. He was at the door. My mother kept talking to him and ignored me because she didn't want him being around me, alone, just the two of us. It didn't make me too angry because I had already seen him today, and I was content. Even if it was only for two hours, I was content. About 20 minutes later he had to leave, I ran downstairs to say goodbye as I could do nothing else. But everytime I look at my mother I still see her evil intentions to separate us, and I can't help but feel angry at her. But then again, I have always felt anger towards her, for my reasons than one, but that I shall continue later. I watch him walk to his friend's car from my window. I watched his every move until he was out of sight. I knew he had to leave but when I heard the door closed a sudden ache went from my throat all the way to my heart. I do not understand it and I do not understand why I felt it since I have never felt that before. I guess I wished I had more time with him, without my mother there of course.

I sat down on my bed, he's gone and I don't know when I was going to see him again. Then I started giggling. Thoughts of his words echoed through my head. I smiled and I knew that today was a nice day.