I went out on a date with a soon-to-be former co-worker. She recently confessed that she had her eyes on me for quite a while, and I had to admit to her that my interest in her was also more than average. Since she's leaving for a new job next week, I asked her out on a date, to which she agreed even before I had finished my proposal.

We decided to go to a Chinese restaurant, where we ate what they call in dutch "bami" (some sort of noodles), along with about 7 or 8 smaller dishes, including baked banana and roasted chicken in hot sauce. It doesn't sound too great, but trust me when I say it tastes delicious.

We left at about 10pm , each going to our own home. Although we both had a good time, we didn't connect in a way we both had hoped. However, I'm sure we will become close friends, as she lives near me, and doesn't know too many people in this town (and neither do I).