It's been a while since I've noded last, and I have been hard pressed for ideas (I don't know why, I guess this is a transgression everyone goes through on e2 - it used to be so easy finding material), I've been wondering what to add to the database.

I started reading Illustrated Danish History for the People by Claus Deleuran, which is an excellent popular science version of archaeology (it start with the creation of the world according to the various myths - big bang, Ymir, etc - and goes on till the late 1100s, at which point the author sadly died from a cardiac arrest, the last page is only half done), anthropology, and linquistics (basically it covers most of northern Europe, but gets far around, even to the Ainus in Japan and eskimos in Greenland). It would be a hard job to node all this, but also a challenge I would be willing to take up if the need was there.

So, I ask you, my fellow noders, do you think this would be a worthy addition to the database? I'd like some feedback, either in the form of votes (guess which direction would mean your agreement), or messages...

Apparently, I was a bit unclear. The point was not to break copyright laws and write the whole shebang into e2, but more to do writeups on different periods (the bronze age, etc), and use the mentioned book as a source, but also use other sources as well.